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Therapy Ball


Memory Box for Dementia Patients

Creating a memory/ activity box for a dementia patient was my favorite treatment of the day.
The family helped gather photos for us to choose from to make a mini photo book and we added some other activities that can be pulled out to engage the patient when she gets antsy or wants to do something.


Out of Reach Update

Well I’m happy to say that the facility was more than happy to accommodate adding a set of lowered bars so that she can get her own clothes out!


We even made use of the empty corner space to put a shoe bin!

She is ecstatic and I’m very thankful for the facility working with us on this!

Remember that you are one of the biggest advocates for your patients! Never stop!



No Assistance Needed

A big thanks to my level 1 student Miss Tavia for helping me solve a problem one of my patients was having! The patient could not adjust her blinds and often had to just leave them unless she caught someone to ask for assistance. Now with the help of some $2.99 rings from Michaels and some string I already had, we made her a system to complete! She was over the moon excited to have this small bit of independence back!


Stair Fall Prevention

Adding a bit of contrast to my clients steps made a huge difference for her ability to safely and confidently go down the steps. She wears bifocals and this was a prior fall location before!


Out of Reach

My patient in ALF is mostly wheelchair bound. Clothing racks are NOT wheelchair friendly as they are 68 inches high and her max reach is about 58.

I tried to teach her how to use a dressing stick to get hangers off but that proved frustrating and challenging due to coordination

Without asking the facility to move racks down, we  came up with the solution of adding a hanging drop down organizer + small tension rod and a small garment rack-these are to only hold about a weeks worth of clothing. Her walker is locked and placed inside in the event that she absolutely HAS to stand up to grab something, she’s safely able.



Let The Games Begin

We received a cool new game to integrate into treatment today! Large checkers with intermittent standing (supported and unsupported), while using reacher to move the pieces. This game was a big hit today! Only con is we never got to finish a game because most of the patients were savages blocking moves and then got too tired to finish! 😄

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