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Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us with any questions.

Can I see an occupational or physical therapist without billing Medicare?

If you are eligible for Medicare, we legally must bill Medicare for skilled and medically necessary treatment. If and when the care becomes maintenance therapy, then we phase to a private pay plan. 

What should I expect from my first visit?

Your therapist will complete a comprehensive assessment, including asking you about your symptoms (i.e., physical, cognitive, emotional) and exploring functional issues in detail. This helps the therapist understand what it is you need and want you want to do in your everyday life, as well as what barriers may be in the way of achieving your goals. You and your therapist will develop a treatment plan, which can include specific treatment interventions (e.g., adaptive equipment, activity grading), education, and targeted rehabilitation exercises and strategies to get you back to your activities that matter most.

Will occupational and physical therapy be covered under my health plan?

In most cases, yes, although each plan is different. We bill your Medicare part B and supplemental insurance. Your provider will do an eligibility check and make you aware of any co-pays or co-insurance amounts to be collected prior to your first visit.

What are some common conditions occupational therapists treat?

We don't treat a particular condition in and of itself per se; it is more about treating the functional problems that occur as a result of your conditions or diagnosis.

What is the difference between Occupational and Physical Therapy?

The main difference to recognize between the two therapies is this: while occupational therapy strives to help people live as independently as possible, the goal of physical therapy is to assist an individual with pain relief and restoring motion and mobility.

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